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Oct. 08



Greetings members - we're 39 strong this season!  So said Treasurer Ruth Williams at last Friday's meeting, when she distributed the new membership list. A second list with Anne Martin's correct phone number (746-5629) has been subsequently distributed.


The meeting began with the ever-wonderful Cat Duet by Rossini, performed by Sue Doughty and Judit Kabath, who were previewing it prior to singing at the big concert coming in January.  Meowww!!!


The planned presentation by Trisha Daniell about teaching chording for the piano was postponed due to lack of space around the piano, and will be done next month.


Ann provided a teeny preview as well of some techniques and ideas she uses for teaching composition and improvisation- to be continued at a further "discussion" meeting.


Nancy Warkentin, new member, provided a report of the RMT Prov. convention she attended, including lectures and performances by Stephane Lemelin on the subject of Schubert and his music.


Sue Doughty at the Renaissance Feast Sat. night!
She also won the meeting door prize of a trip to Hawaii!  (OK, just kidding, but we did have a REAL door prize courtesy of Trish Rankin!)

Three recorders at the afternoon instrument class.

Though this was not a business meeting (or so said the schedule) we did cover some items, chiefly a debriefing of the Renaissance Weekend. There were well over 200 individual class registrations - some people registering for all 8, others for only 1 or 2. But all were astonished by the amazing amount of info presented, by the generosity and knowledge of the presenters, and by the sheer amount of fun we all had. Budget-wise we appear to have pretty much come out even, with perhaps a small amount to add back to our Bursary and Award fund which underwrites these educational opportunities.


Thanks to photog extraordinaire Trish Rankin for the photos in this newsletter and the rest that will be published soon on the website.


I Played It Better AT Home III


Plans proceeding - David now feels he has a full program and will be confirming spots, times, and names of pieces with all participants in the near future.Sue Doughty has suggested a resurfacing of the teacher's "choir".  Anyone interested in performing a number or two - music to be memorized before the TWO rehearsals - should contact Sue.


Nancy Hurrell, (far left) clinician, with happy participants!

Two of the Vancouver Historical Performance artists and assorted dancers.

Dates to note:

  • RCM Exam registration deadline Nov. 4
  • Duncan RCM practical piano exams will be held Jan. 23/24th. Voice will be near that time.
  • Eve Daniell is presenting a concert at St. John's, Nov 28. Donation to the Food Bank your admittance!
  • CVMTA Xmas Lunch at Silver Bridge Inn in Duncan Dec. 12th, 11:30 am
  • Next regular meeting Nov. 28, at Ruth Williams. There was a little confusion over venues - Trisha D. will host in January, Ruth in November. 
1050 Lee St. Duncan, BC V9L 2J6 250-709-2395

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