CVMTA Bursary and Award Fund

Applications for the David Walden memorial Scholarship are now open for 2017, and the winner will be announced May 5!

Previous winners:
2011 - Myles Anderson piano
2012 - Taleitha Sangha classical voice
2013 - Ben Hillier piano
2014 - Zander Felton classical voice
2015 - Hanna Seinen classical voice

For Eligibility Requirements and Audition Information, please email Ann Mendenhall

     The CVMTA offers bursaries each year to deserving students, and awards trophies and monetary awards to students in Performance (via the Cowichan Music Festival), and in Theory, for the highest marks in RCM Theory examinations each year. The fund also underwrites the History of Music Pro-D weekend in October which offers workshops and performances for all students of music - and their teachers!

     Bursary and Award funds come from special projects organized by the Cowichan Valley Music Teachers Association and from generous donations from the community at large.

     This year between $1000 and $1500 will be awarded. Donations to the fund are most appreciated - please contact Ann Mendenhall 748-8196 if you can make a contribution that will assist and reward many of our worthy students.

Applications for CVMTA bursaries may now be made through the Cowichan Valley Performing Arts Foundation website,

Recent Award Winners include:

CVMTA Music Festival Awards, 2016
Piano or Instruments - Hubert Wong and Steven Wong ($50 each)
Vocal - Alexandra Platt
Musical Theatre - not awarded

CVMTA Music Festival Awards, 2015
Piano - Steven Wong
Instruments - Noah Mellemstrand
Vocal - Cameron Trustham

CVMTA Theory Awards, 2014
Basic Rudiments - Clara Seinen
Intermediate Rudiments - Sarah Richards
Advanced Rudiments - Jizelle Balae, Sarah Kaufmann
Keyboard Harmony 1 - Holly Collis Handford
History 1 - Kara Labelle

CVMTA Music Festival Awards, 2014
Piano - Ben Roussouw
Instruments - Maya Justice
Vocal - Megan Lassche

CVMTA Theory Awards, 2013
Basic Rudiments - Julia Brockley
Intermediate Rudiments - Kara Lavelle
Advanced Rudiments - Paulina Poverezhnyk
Introductory Harmony - Liam Brockley
History 1 Madison Gray
History 2 - Esther Wilke
History 3 - Esther Wilke

CVMTA Festival Awards, 2013
Int. Piano - Tai Williams
Jr. Piano - Kate McIntyre
Instrumental - Abigail Bekesza, violin
Classical Voice $50 - Sarah Wilke
Jr. Musical Theatre $50 - Tai Williams

Youth Harp Festival in Nanaimo,2013
Hayley Farenholtz
Kaleigh Stroink

CVMTA Theory Awards, 2012
Basic Rudiments Teagan West
Intermediate Rudiments Tao Browne
Advanced Rudiments Mathias Adair Bell
Basic Harmony V. Madison Gray
History 1 Paul Henderson
Intermediate Harmony, Sophia Haythornthwaite

CVMTA Festival Awards, 2012
Piano: Claire Morelli, Emilie Bourque, Vicky Chiu
Vocal:Hanna Seinen
Instruments: Shawnigan Lake String Ensemble

Earning the highest marks on their RCM THEORY EXAMS, 2010, were:
Basic Rudiments: Hannah Schmidt
Intermediate Rudiments: Liam Brockley
Advanced Rudiments: Madison Gray
Basic Harmony Alexander Amstutz
History 1: Torsten Gran Ruaz


Applications for CVMTA bursaries may now be made through the Cowichan Valley Performing Arts Foundation website. CVMTA bursaries are for study with member teachers.